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Police Inspector Application Form – Breakdown and Tips

Following the pre-application questionnaire, you’ll be invited to fill in the online police inspector application form. As you might have guessed, this will be an application form that requires you to enter extensive personal details, as well as answering a series of competency-based questions. The police inspector application form is an extremely important stage, so […]

Police Inspector Direct Entry Eligibility

Before you apply, there are some key facts that you need to know when it comes to Police Inspector Direct Entry eligibility. Firstly, the Police Inspector Direct Entry Programme is only open to the very best candidates, which is why applicants need to go through such an extensive application process. In addition to this, there […]

Cabin Crew Interview Checklist – 5 Top Tips

So, you’ve passed all the elements of the Cabin Crew selection process, including the online application, the various tests, the assessment day, and the group exercise! Congratulations, you must be tired. But, it’s not time to rest yet. You still have one vital stage left (and it’s make or break): the final Cabin Crew interview. […]

Online Police Application Process: What To Expect

Naturally, as the world around us becomes more and more technology dependent, the police are also turning to technology, as a means of delivering upon public expectation. This is why, over the past year or so, more and more forces have begun to use an online police application process. In this blog, we’ll explore the […]

Police Verbal Reasoning: What to Expect

Are you thinking about a career as a police officer? Do you know the process of how to get into this career? Aspiring police officers face a gruelling time when applying to join the police force. Not only do they have to submit an application form, but there are a whole host of assessments for […]

Made in the Navy: What Navy Career is Right for You 2017

What Navy Career is Right For You? – Introduction The Royal Navy has a vast array of career opportunities, each of which will suit individuals in different ways. A career in the navy isn’t for everyone, and not every role will be for you, but there are so many to choose from that you’re likely […]

Police Call Handler Assessment – What You Need to Know

The selection process for becoming a police call handler is extremely tough. Call handling for the police is not something that just anyone can do. It takes a special type of person, and for this reason, candidates must undergo a rigorous assessment process. In this blog, we’ll explain to you all about the role of […]

Being a Female Prison Officer in 2017

In the 12-month period of June 2015-June 2016, 51% of NOMS (National Offender Management Service) recruits were women; being a female prison officer is more popular than ever. This took the total percentage of UK prison officers who are female up to 37.4%. Of course, this means that more women than ever are now working […]