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Join the British Army: Top 5 Tips to Pass the Army Selection Process

Joining the British Army is no easy feat. Whether you’re a British National, Dual-National, or Commonwealth citizen, roles within the British Army are incredibly competitive. Therefore, you need to be at the top of your game if you’re to succeed.

How to Join the Royal Navy as a Commonwealth Citizen

Looking to join the Royal Navy as a Foreigner or Commonwealth citizen? Read on to find out what you need to do to join! Since November 2018, the British Armed forces has opened its doors to foreign nationals and Commonwealth citizens. While Commonwealth citizens were previously legible to join the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, […]

How to Join the Royal Air Force as a Commonwealth Citizen

Join the Royal Air Force as a Commonwealth Citizen

Do you want to join the Royal Air Force as a Commonwealth citizen? Check out this guide to joining the RAF is you’re from a Commonwealth country. As of November 2018, the British Armed Forces have increased the number of Commonwealth citizens that they will accept. This number will increase to 1,350 Commonwealth recruits per […]

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips – Research

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips

As you can imagine, in the build up to the interview you will need to carry out plenty of research. Research that is, in relation to the role of a Trainee Train Driver and also the Train Operating Company that you are applying to join. Here are some areas and Australian Train Driver interview tips […]

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips – Interview Technique

Australian Train Driver Interview Tips Featured

If you’re applying to become a train driver in Australia, then you will have to sit at least one interview. Here, we’re going to take a look at some Australian train driver interview tips to improve your chances of passing the interview. How to Prepare Effectively for the Australian Train Driver Interview During your preparation […]

Team Leader Interview Questions

In this blog we'll teach you some crucial team leader interview questions

Team Leader Interview Questions and Answers: The Core Competencies A team leader is tasked with managing the operational functionality of a group of people. Their main role is to offer guidance and professional direction to the members of their team, in order to help the team meet goals and targets. As a team leader, you […]

Become an Australian Train Driver – Completing the Application Form

Become an Australian Train Driver Featured

Most of the sections on the application form are relatively straightforward to complete. However, there are a number of very important sections that will need your utmost attention if you are to succeed. Read the following tips and advice that relate to the completion of your application form. Read Everything First – Become an Australian […]

5 More Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Social Worker Interview Questions 2

In our last post, we took a look at 5 social worker interview questions and answers. Here, we’re going to look at 5 more social worker interview questions. Find out how you can answer them here! 1. Describe a way in which you have resolved conflict in the social care workplace. – Social Worker Interview […]

Australian Police Tests: How to Pass the Queensland Police Exams

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Australia is made up of a number of different states, all of which have their own active police force. Each police force has its own distinct recruitment and selection process, and while many of the tests cross over, you will have to sit an individual selection process for different state police force applications. The Australian […]