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Paramedic Interview: 5 Top Tips to Pass the Paramedic Interview

In order to become a Paramedic, you’re going to need to pass the Paramedic interview. Paramedics are sought-after but the roles are often incredibly competitive, meaning that it can be difficult to get the role. Likewise, since the job is so important and challenging, employers only want to find the best of the best to […]

Top 10 Future Proof Jobs and Careers & How to Get Them

As we move into the future, the prospect of machines replacing human beings in many industries is becoming increasingly common. Already, we’re seeing automated processes being handled by machines rather than people, allowing for businesses to achieve a level of consistency in manufacture. Across many industries, it looks like automation is the direction that we’re […]

How to Achieve Exam Success

Exams are tough, and unfortunately everyone has to deal with them at some point in their lives. Whether you’re at school or university, or sitting psychometric tests for a job application, you’ll have to prepare for exams. Simply put, the key to exam success is revision and practice. Today, we’re going to look at how […]

How to Study – Improving Your Memory – How to Study Well in Short Time Frames

When it comes to revision, your memory is your greatest asset. It’s what allows you to retain all of your knowledge about the world, and therefore it’s the leading factor in how to study well in short time frames. So, even if you have the best study techniques and revision tactics under your belt, you […]

UKCAT Mistake Guide: Top 4 Cardinal Sins

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is designed to help universities make better choices amongst their dental and medical course applicants. It helps to ensure that the candidates chosen for these courses have the right level of professionalism, integrity and aptitude to succeed on the programme, and go on to become a doctor, dentist or […]

Lesson Planning For Teachers: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most important skills that a teacher will pick up along the way in their career, is in effective lesson planning. A good lesson plan could mean the difference between your class descending into anarchy, or having a well-structured and educational lesson. So, what are the most important tools to use in lesson […]