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Basic Maths Video Blog – FREE Math Help

Easy-to follow and interactive videos to help you improve your basic maths skills. A-Z basic maths videos. Detailed information on different areas of basic maths. Beginner levels. Whether you are in school and want to learn a new basic maths technique, a beginner, or simply brushing up on prior knowledge, this blog is the ONLY […]

GCSE Spanish Revision Resources

As with all exams, GCSE Spanish assessments require robust preparation in order to get through them successfully. What’s more, revising for language subjects is arguably more complicated than others, due to the variety of skills that you need to show off. Of course, you will have to respond to writing and speaking in the language, […]

Best Way to Revise for GCSE

How to Revise for GCSE exams Preparing for your GCSEs can be incredibly difficult, especially if you aren’t sure about how to revise effectively. The truth is, there isn’t one objectively superior revision style or method, and different techniques will work better for different people. For some, making use of flashcards might be the key […]

Maths Revision KS2: Maths Quiz KS2

Maths Revision KS2 When it comes to education, the most important thing is that students are fully prepared for their assessments. After all, education is all about achieving good grades to better a child’s future. That is why I have created this blog – to give you a quick overview of the KS2 Maths national […]

SPAG Test KS2 – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

The SPAG Test Every child aged 7 to 11, will undergo a series of assessments during their Key Stage 2 education. It is important that children are fully prepared for these assessments, and the only way I believe they can truly be prepared, is via practice! Within this blog, I am going to provide you […]

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test: Difficult Spellings

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test Difficult Spellings Introduction The spelling section of the QTS Literacy Skills Test can be incredibly difficult if you do not prepare adequately. Since you do not know what type of spellings will appear, it is important to take the time to learn all of the more difficult conventions which […]