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11 Plus Maths Practice Questions & Top Tips

The 11 plus assessment is given to pupils in primary school, when children are about to leave the final year (Year 6). They may opt to take the 11 plus if the pupil wishes to attend a Grammar School. This test is given to pupils who want to attend a Grammar Secondary School. Some teachers […]

GCSE Spanish Revision – Internet Module – Key Vocab

Of course, social media represents something of a ubiquitous presence in modern life, and, as discussed in the French revision blog, new vocab about the Internet appears every day. In GCSE Spanish revision there is no exception. So, although a Spanish social network called Tuenti is as or even more popular than Facebook, it is […]

French GCSE Revision – ‘the Internet’ – Key Vocab

As in English, hundreds of new words surrounding the internet and social media spring up in French each year. Many of them are derived from or identical to their English equivalents, but, as you will discover below, many of them are unrecognisable when placed next to their translations. This can make French GCSE revision and […]

When to use SER and ESTAR: GCSE Spanish Revision

As we only have one verb that means ‘to be’ in English, being presented with two (that are both irregular) when we start learning Spanish is initially confusing, not least because they are applied in different ways with different meanings. So, knowing when to use SER and ESTAR, and the differences between them, is vital for your […]