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How to Achieve Exam Success

Exams are tough, and unfortunately everyone has to deal with them at some point in their lives. Whether you’re at school or university, or sitting psychometric tests for a job application, you’ll have to prepare for exams. Simply put, the key to exam success is revision and practice. Today, we’re going to look at how […]

KS2 History Worksheets | Free Downloads

Although Key Stage 2 pupils are not formally tested on their knowledge of history, the national curriculum is very clear about how important history learning is for a child’s education! The government states that pupils must be taught history, to introduce them to historical study and inspire future curiosity towards the subject. As a result, […]

Significant Advance in our Understanding of Memory – Improve Your Memory!

New research suggests that the way we’ve been thinking about short-term and long-term memories isn’t entirely correct. We’re going to take a look at this new discovery. In addition, were going to see how you can make use of this new knowledge to improve your memory and increase your chances of exam success! The accepted […]

How to Study – Improving Your Memory – How to Study Well in Short Time Frames

When it comes to revision, your memory is your greatest asset. It’s what allows you to retain all of your knowledge about the world, and therefore it’s the leading factor in how to study well in short time frames. So, even if you have the best study techniques and revision tactics under your belt, you […]

7 Days of the Week in French (Plus Key Phrases) – For Beginners

Knowing what the 7 days of the week in French are is vital, as is your ability to recognise and express them. Not only will this vocab help you to understand and engage with simple conversations in French, but you will also be expected to be extremely comfortable using it in any formal exam on […]

Basic English Lessons: Understand and Learn English the Easy Way

Easy-to follow and interactive videos to help you improve your basic English skills. A-Z basic English videos. Detailed information on different areas of English. Beginner levels. This blog is ideal for anyone who needs to learn, or refresh their memory on basic English, including grammar, punctuation and spelling. To use this blog, simply scroll down […]

Learn How to Multiply – Methods and Examples

Do you need help with learning how to multiply? Multiplication is something that every person needs to learn. It is a vital skill to have – not just for school, but for everyday life. Many people find it easy when multiplying smaller numbers. But what happens when you have two large numbers to multiply? Would […]

Using Long Division: Method and Examples

LONG DIVISION: METHOD AND EXAMPLES Long division is probably one of the most difficult things to learn in maths. Many students struggle with the concept of long division. Unlike other school subjects, maths require a strong level of accuracy. There is a definitive answer, and therefore you need to be able to know the process […]