How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests – Different Types of Test

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

If you want to know how to pass the Australian police officer tests, the best place to start is to learn what the tests are. Here, we’re going to take a look at the following three types of test you might face in your application process:

  • The Reading Ability Test;
  • The Summary Writing Test;
  • The Extended Writing Test.

The Reading Ability Test – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

The Reading Ability Test is used to determine how well you can read and interpret information. Simply put, you will need to show that you can understand written information, since this is a vital skill for working in the police force.

This test is rather straight-forward. You will be provided with a series of questions. Each question will contain a short passage which is usually no longer than 4 or 5 sentences. Then, you will be asked a multiple-choice question based on the passage. You need to choose the correct answer option based on the information in the passage.

Here are some tips for passing the Reading Ability Test:

  • Make sure to read each paragraph fully before attempting the question.
  • Some questions might be deceptive, so make sure you carefully read them as well to make sure you understand what they’re asking from you.
  • For further practice, try reading a newspaper or some other kind of article. Take notes on the key details that you read, and then compare your notes to the original articles.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

The Summary Writing Test – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

For this test, you will be given a piece of text that you will have to summarise. This involves reading the text carefully, picking out key information, and summarising it in a way that a
reader could quickly understand. Bear the following in mind for the Summary Writing Test:

  • The material you have to summarise may vary, so be prepared to face a range of different topics.
  • Key details aren’t always obvious, and might require a second or third read through of the text. If possible, underline or highlight any key points.
  • Don’t worry about writing in full sentences. However, make sure that the notes make enough grammatical sense to be comprehensible.
  • It is advised to limit your summary to around 100 words. Any longer, and you risk creating an over-complicated piece of material.

How to Pass the Summary Writing Test – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

The key to success in the Summary Writing Test is to be concise and articulate at the same time. You want to get across as much information as possible, in as few words as possible. Here are some tips for making your notes easier to read:

  • Make sure that your summary has a title. This title should introduce the central idea of the piece (e.g. ‘Train Station Robbery’).
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists. Where appropriate, place these under headings and sub-headings.
  • Make sure your spelling is correct, but feel free to use commonly accepted abbreviations (e.g. ‘HGV’ instead of ‘Heavy Goods Vehicle’).
  • Make sure the language is appropriate. Slang, and vulgarity must be avoided.
  • Ensure that the bullet points are laid out in a logical manner. Remember that this order of details might differ from that of the original text!
  • Remember that you don’t have to summarise every single detail. Some things will be irrelevant. It’s up to you to decide what’s relevant and what isn’t.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

The Extended Writing Test – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

The Extended Writing Test (or Extended Writing Task) is an exercise which assesses your ability to create a coherent piece of writing. It tests a number of different skills which are important to the work of a police officer. These include:

  • Awareness of spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
  • The ability to logically structure a piece of writing (with introductions and conclusions);
  • Use of appropriate language;
  • The ability to interpret information and contributes one’s own ideas;
  • Effective and efficient formulation of ideas;

The time limit for this test is 45 minutes. During this time, you will read two passages. These passages will be have the same subject, but will express different points of view. Once you’ve read the text, you will have to contribute to the discussion. The test wants you to give your own opinion, but you may also comment on the ideas in the other two passages. For example, you might argue that a claim made by one of the texts is, in fact, false. You may also include relevant knowledge in order to support your argument.

Here are some tips for passing the Extended Writing Test:

  • Make sure you write properly, in full sentences. The examiner wants to see your ability to use the written word to communicate ideas effectively. The best way to get better at doing this is to read lots, and then write about what you’ve read.
  • Make sure to take some kind of stance! You don’t have to agree with either of the texts, but you do need to present some kind of position. Don’t sit on the fence.
  • If it helps, spend a little bit of time planning your response. You can quickly jot down the main ideas for your argument, and then use that as a road map. This is also a great way to plan your time, so that you avoid running out of it.
  • Read both of the passages carefully, since you’ll need to comment on what they’re saying.
    Stick to the point! Avoid going off on tangents by strictly writing about the subject matter.

Conclusion – How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

Want to know more about the Australian Police Officer Tests? check out our guide: How to Become an Australian Police Officer.

How to Pass the Australian Police Officer Tests

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