RAF Initial Officer Training: Cranwell 2016

RAF initial officer training is a fundamental aspect of officer life

In order to become an RAF Officer, you must first go through a period of Initial Officer Training (IOT). The training is conducted at the RAF Cranwell College, and is an essential exercise for anyone who wants to be an Officer in the Royal Air Force. Fundamentally, the course will teach you how to be a good leader. In this blog, we’ll give you the key details about the Initial Officer Training.

How long does the RAF Initial Officer Training last?

The IOT currently runs on a 32 week format. This period is split into 3, 10 week terms, with a week’s leave/absence between each term. The three terms are as follows:

Basic Phase: This phase consists of physical training, and ground defence training. Candidates will also take an extensive course in English Language study, and take part in various drills. You will learn about the way in which officers help the RAF the protect the interests of the United Kingdom, take part in daily fitness drills and receive regular inspections of your quarters. This phase will give you a wide range of knowledge about the RAF ethos, culture and history; and you’ll receive lessons from air academics.

Foundation Phase: This phase consists largely of Academic Study, and oral communication training. You will learn leadership and management skills, as well as taking part in a field leadership camp. During this phase you will visit Scotland to take part in a management course, and start to grasp the fundamentals of leadership.

Applications Phase: This phase consists of a mixture of academic studies, physical training and finally exams. You will take part in an RAF station visit, various physical training and exercises, management simulators and a leadership exercise – named Peacekeeper. By this point, your leadership skills should have developed naturally, and you’ll be using the exams and final lessons to refine them.

After the 30th week of training, you will be ready to graduate from the course. This is a proud day for any officer. You’ll take part in a parade, and receive your commission as an officer in the RAF.

to be an raf officer, you must first graduate from initial officer training

How can I qualify for the IOT?

In order to qualify for the RAF Initial Officer Training, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. You will also have to take the Officer and Aircrew Cadet Fitness Assessment. This is an essential for qualification, and failure to pass the test will result in having to take further training, before you can be eligible to join. In order to pass this test, you’ll have to meet the following requirements-


  • Must be aged 17-29
  • Must complete a 2.4km run, in 11 minutes and 11 seconds.
  • Must complete 20 press-ups
  • Must complete 35 sit-ups


  • Must be aged 17-29
  • Must complete a 2.4km run, in 13 minutes and 23 seconds.
  • Must complete 10 press-ups
  • Must complete 32 sit-ups

Candidates will also have to take part in a Bleep Test. If this is failed, you may be eliminated altogether from the programme.

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