Customer Service Interview Questions – Video Guide

PRODUCTS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN   >Our 150-page in-depth ‘Interview Skills’ guide will provide you with lots of insider tips and advice on how to pass any job interview. It contains sample questions and answers to 50 of the toughest customer service interview questions! See here to access our Interview Skills Guide! Customer Service […]

Firefighter Interview Questions And Answers Examples

Firefighter Interview Questions And Answers Examples If you have made it through to the interview stage of the firefighter selection process then you have done extremely well. Naturally, you will now want to make sure you pass the interview and move on to become a professional firefighter. In this article I will explain the most […]

The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew

The Qualities Required To Become Cabin Crew Members of cabin crew have two main roles in their job; these are the safety of all the passengers and delivering great customer service. Cabin crew must have excellent interpersonal skills and these will be assessed throughout the selection process and will play an important part in your […]

How To Understand Mechanical Advantage

Mechanical comprehension tests are widely used during selection processes that involve technical jobs. Having an understanding of mechanical advantage is crucial to your success during the test. You may find that some mechanical comprehension tests ask you to calculate the mechanical advantage of a simple pulley system. WHAT IS MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE? Mechanical advantage is quite […]