French GCSE Revision – ‘the Internet’ – Key Vocab

As in English, hundreds of new words surrounding the internet and social media spring up in French each year. Many of them are derived from or identical to their English equivalents, but, as you will discover below, many of them are unrecognisable when placed next to their translations. This can make French GCSE revision and […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Applying For Law School

Applying for Law School is incredibly tough. Now more than ever, Law programmes are fine tuning their selection process, so that only the strongest candidates are successful. With this in mind, we have put our legal heads together, to provide you with a list of ten things that you should know and do, before applying […]

Is It Too Easy To Join The Armed Forces?

The Armed Forces of the UK have been under some criticism lately, for the perceived ease of their recruitment tests. Many people see the Armed Forces as far too easy to get into, and have claimed that this damages the efficiency and integrity of the organisation as a whole. In this blog, we’ll investigate whether […]

Key Stage 2 SATs – A Parent’s Guide to KS2 SATs Exams

Whilst SATs are a daunting, disliked and let’s be honest, boring concept; they remain an imperative part of children’s education. Children should be provided with the best tools and practice to enhance their intellectual ability and improve their performance. The blog will guide you through Key Stage 2 SATs, and will share with you all […]


When we think about careers within the rail industry, train driver and train guard immediately spring to mind. However, there are many different and varied jobs available (drawing different salaries) that are designed to ensure the trains run on time and the level of service provided is the highest it can be. One such role […]

7 Tips for Passing the Train Driver Assessment Day

Statistics prove that one of the top 10 most sought after careers after leaving school and full-time education is that of a train driver. Unsurprising then, that there are in excess of 400 applicants for every job that is advertised. This makes it even more prevalent for the aspiring trainee train driver applicant to have […]


WHAT IS PI DAY – PI DAY = 3.14159265359… PI DAY = 3.14159265359…   Pi day is an annual celebration which is celebrated on the 14th March. It is observed on this day because this represents (the month/day format = 3/14) and this represents the first 3 significant numbers of pi. AND ITS EVEN MORE […]

Community First Responder: The Ultimate Guide

Community first responders (CFR) play a key role in providing life-saving emergency care to patients. They are voluntary workers, dispatched by charities, to attend selected 999 calls. These volunteers significantly reduce the risk of nearby patient’s condition getting worse, and are often the difference between whether somebody lives or dies. In this blog, we’ll provide […]


TRAIN DRIVER SITUATIONAL JUDGEMENT TEST – A Step-by-Step Walkthrough     Train Operating Companies in the UK is starting to use a form of situational judgement test (often referred to as Situational Judgement Exercises or SJEs) as part of the assessment criteria for assessing trainee train drivers. Another name for this type of new test […]