Second Interview Questions: How To Prepare

second interview questions

For many people, a second interview is problematic. A second interview is used to distinguish you from the other candidates. It is used to determine the level of your technical abilities, so that your skillset can be compared to other applicants.

In this blog, we’ll give you a guide to what second interview questions you should expect, and how to prepare for them.

How To Prepare For The Second Interview Questions

Many candidates fail to prepare for the second interview. They fail to broaden their research, and go into the second interview armed only with the knowledge that they brought to the first. The whole point of the second interview is that you need to show something more to the employer.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for preparing for a second interview.

  • Prepare your answers. This goes without saying. Compare your experience with the job description. You’ll need to provide the interviewer with different examples to the first interview. Make use of the STAR method so that your answers are relevant and insightful. Practice giving your answers to friends and family.
  • Research. While a small amount of research is required for the first interview, for the second interview you will be expected to have completed extensive homework. The more knowledge you can demonstrate, the better. Research sales figures, events, past achievement and even future plans and product launches.
  • Be prepared for odd questions. During the second interview, don’t be surprised if the employer tries to catch yousecond interview how to prepare out. They’ll want to see how well you think on your feet. Expect questions such as ‘what type of animal would you be?’ or ‘what would you do in this situation?’ Questions such as this test your creativity, and how you react to the unexpected. You never know what the interviewer might ask.
  • Think about the first interview. When preparing for the second interview questions, a great tip is to consider the first interview. What did you learn during this interview? Did you find out any new information on the role, the company or the people you’ll be working with? All of this information will be extremely valuable when you are preparing.


Second Interview Questions

Now that we’ve gone over some preparation tips, you’ll need to know what second interview questions to expect. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of our top five-second interview questions, which you will need to be ready for:

1. What do you think are the main attributes needed for this role?

This is your chance to sell yourself. In the reality, the question is not asking for your opinion on the main attributes, it is asking for you to confirm that you have the attributes they are looking for. Don’t just reel them off, tell the employer that you have them and how you have demonstrated them in the past.


2. Why don’t you want this job?

Remember that the second interview questions are as much about you deciding whether the role is the right fit. This is a great opportunity for you to clarify any information that you are uncertain about, or even highlight slight concerns that you might have.

Always remember to preface your answer with a compliment, however. Words such as, ‘From what I’ve seen so far, this seems a fantastic place to work, although I’m slightly concerned about…’ will work wonders for your chances of success.


3. If you had the chance, is there anything you would change about this company?

This is most commonly seen when it comes to interviewing for creative roles. Don’t be afraid of suggesting ideas, although try not to go too overboard, as you still want to flatter the company. The interviewers will want to know that you can bring fresh new ideas to the team.


4. What separates you from the other candidates who have applied for this job?

As we have mentioned, the second interview questions are a fantastic chance for you to distinguish your qualities and skills from the other candidates in the process. Using keywords such as drive, enthusiasm, commitment and focus are sure to grab the employer’s attention.

Tell the employer than you are someone who sees themselves working for this company long term. This will show them that you are serious about pursuing the role.

5. What if we told you that we thought you were overqualified?

This is another of the most common second interview questions. It’s only natural for the interviewer to be concerned as to whether you will stay in the job. Be prepared to let them know that you are a perfect fit for the role, and that you are extremely interested in a long term career with the company.second interview tips

For more top second interview questions and tips, visit the University of Kent Website or purchase our fantastic guide on How To Pass an Interview