Why you Should Take a Police Officer Course

As you will know, the selection process for becoming a Police Officer in the UK is extremely competitive. Out of the tens of thousands who apply each year, only around 20% of prospective candidates are successful. This blog will explain to you how attending a Police Officer course can massively boost your chances of success, by making you as prepared as possible for the interview process.

police officer course

This relatively low success rate can be put down to one simple reason. The fact is, we currently have a saturated jobs market, which has increased competition. Also, the amount of money available to the government to invest in recruiting officers has decreased in recent years. So, due to the jobs market, we have seen a high number of extremely-well qualified individuals to turn to the Police Service for work, at a time when the government has been forced to reduce the number of officers recruited each year. Essentially, there are now more people applying for fewer positions.

However, while this means that becoming a Police Officer in the UK is a daunting task, do not crumble under the pressure! The Police Service might have raised the bar for its employees, but there’s no reason you can’t improve to meet that bar. Attending a How2Become Police Officer course will give you the best chance of passing the selection process and becoming a Police Officer, proven by the huge number of people we have guided to achieve just that.

Our Police officer course

Run by a former recruiter for the Met, our 1-day intensive course will take you through every single aspect of the application process that he helped create. This includes the little-known areas that you need to study in order to make sure you stand out. Our Police Officer course will ensure that you know everything you need in order to be fully prepared for the selection process, which consists of the four following elements: the police application form, the National Police Assessment Centre, medical and fitness tests, and a final interview.

police officer course

What the 1 day recruitment training course will provide:

  • Detailed information about the recruitment and application processes;
  • Up-to-date information about current assessment techniques;
  • Face-to-face specialist training from a hugely experienced police recruitment expert.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of passing the Police selection process, click here to find out more.

But first, take a look at some of the feedback we’ve had from customers who have gone on to successfully pass the Police selection process!

“Hi there, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the advice your 1-day course in Kent gave me. I have just found out that I passed the assessment centre with 78% score and I am absolutely thrilled. I am certain it was due to the advice and confidence boost the course gave me that was key to my success. The course is well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants to be a police ‘special constable’. Once again, many thanks.” – Nichola P (West Yorkshire)

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So, to sum up, our Police Officer course will give you the edge you need over your fellow candidates, by providing you with all the insider knowledge of the process.

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