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BRNC Dartmouth: The College Fitness Guide

Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth (BRNC), is the official initial training establishment for officers of the British Royal Navy. As a fighting force, every Navy serviceman and woman must be physically and medically fit to carry out their duty in times of war. To be unable to get to a casualty or fire quick enough, […]

Police Officer Recruitment: The Ultimate Career Guide

Have you ever wondered how to join the UK Police Service? For newcomers, the process of police officer recruitment can be quite intimidating. With a wide range of tests, units and different constabularies to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start looking or what the best option is for you. Well, you’re in […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Applying For Law School

Applying for Law School is incredibly tough. Now more than ever, Law programmes are fine tuning their selection process, so that only the strongest candidates are successful. With this in mind, we have put our legal heads together, to provide you with a list of ten things that you should know and do, before applying […]

Is It Too Easy To Join The Armed Forces?

The Armed Forces of the UK have been under some criticism lately, for the perceived ease of their recruitment tests. Many people see the Armed Forces as far too easy to get into, and have claimed that this damages the efficiency and integrity of the organisation as a whole. In this blog, we’ll investigate whether […]


When we think about careers within the rail industry, train driver and train guard immediately spring to mind. However, there are many different and varied jobs available (drawing different salaries) that are designed to ensure the trains run on time and the level of service provided is the highest it can be. One such role […]

Community First Responder: The Ultimate Guide

Community first responders (CFR) play a key role in providing life-saving emergency care to patients. They are voluntary workers, dispatched by charities, to attend selected 999 calls. These volunteers significantly reduce the risk of nearby patient’s condition getting worse, and are often the difference between whether somebody lives or dies. In this blog, we’ll provide […]

RAF Initial Officer Training: Cranwell 2016

In order to become an RAF Officer, you must first go through a period of Initial Officer Training (IOT). The training is conducted at the RAF Cranwell College, and is an essential exercise for anyone who wants to be an Officer in the Royal Air Force. Fundamentally, the course will teach you how to be […]

Training Contract for Solicitors – Application Advice

Training contracts are a crucial stage to becoming a qualified solicitor. This blog will discuss the importance of your law training contract and how you should go about successfully completing your application. Remember its a ‘dog eat dog’ world out there, and you need to do everything you can to ensure that your application is […]