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Educational Videos for Kids – Learning Video Blog

Interactive, fun, and engaging videos for children aged 5 to 11. This video blog contains educational videos for kids on an array of fascinating topics. From history, to science, to the Chinese New Year; this blog contains all of our latest educational videos for kids. To use the blog, simply scroll down and view each […]

CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents | PDF Download

  CSSE 11+ Guidance Sheet For Parents   The consortium of selective schools in Essex requires pupils to take two tests (one English, one Maths) in order to gain entry into any of the following ten selective schools: Colchester County High School for Girls. Colchester Royal Grammar School. King Edward VI Grammar School. Shoeburyness High […]

10 Ways to Get a First in Your Next Essay

Getting a first at university can be incredibly challenging, and the only way to achieve it in a humanities subject is to be great at writing essays. If you’re studying a subject such as English Literature, History, Philosophy, Theology, Politics, Economics, Anthropology, or Geography, then you’ll almost certainly have to write essays throughout the university […]

New GCSE Pass Grades and Universities – New GCSE Grades 2017

The new GCSE grading system might be troublesome for those wishing to apply for places at university in the coming years, as universities are undecided on what counts as a passing grade. Let’s take a look at the new GCSE grades 2017, and how this may or may not have an impact on your university […]

The Grammar Schools in Birmingham 11+ Test – A Parent’s Guide

Welcome parent’s, to your in-depth resource for guiding your child through the application process of applying to Grammar Schools in Birmingham. As a parent, it is your job to oversee your child’s education. If you are reading this resource, it is inevitable that your child is applying, or is thinking about applying, to a Grammar […]

Critical Thinking A Level: A2 Units, Topics, and Modules

The Critical Thinking A Level is one of the many courses available to A Level students. It’s offered by OCR, one of the main exam boards for secondary education. Critical thinking is the discipline of understanding arguments and argumentative logic. Critical thinkers are invaluable in society because they are well-equipped to cut the wheat from […]

Critical Thinking A-Level: AS Units, Topics, and Modules

Critical Thinking at A-Level is a qualification offered by OCR, one of the main exam boards for secondary and higher education. Critical Thinking is the study of arguments, problems, and ideas, as well as the logic the binds arguments together. The role of a critical thinker is to spot faulty reasoning in the arguments that […]