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Police Funding 2017: Major Update!

Fantastic news coming from the UK government this week, as it has been announced that the Home Office are allocating an extra £450 million in UK police funding. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on these plans, and explain how the new police funding measures will be implemented. Where is the police funding coming from? Obviously, […]

Police Constable Behavioural Styles Questionnaire: Example

In order to become a Police Constable, you will need to pass a number of challenging assessments. One of these assessments, and relatively new, is the Police Constable Behavioural Styles Questionnaire. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the behavioural styles questionnaire, and show you how to pass it! What is the Police Constable […]

Police Inspector Eligibility Criteria: Direct Entry

Want to become a police inspector? Well, great news. The police are now running a direct entry scheme, which allows skilled candidates another way into the force. However, you will need to fulfil a certain set of police inspector eligibility criteria. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about what the police inspector eligibility criteria […]

[Infographic] Become a UK Police Officer: Selection Process

Becoming a police officer is not as simple as many people think. There are 5 selection stages to complete in including: an application form, online sifting situational judgement tests, an assessment centre day which involves role play exercises, written report writing tests, numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, the bleep multi-stage fitness test, a competency-based […]

How to Pass the Police Recruitment Presentation

Police Final interview presentation

Select UK police forces are now starting to introduce a new element to the selection process – the Police Final Interview presentation. This presentation is carried out by candidates at the interview stage and lasts for 10 minutes. Watch the video and read more below for a full overview of the new police recruitment presentation […]

What Are the Different Armed Police UK Units?

In a perfect world, the police force wouldn’t need to exist at all. People would all get along, respect each other’s property, rights, beliefs, and bodies, and there would be no need for police. Unfortunately, we don’t live in paradise, and a police force is vital for keeping people safe and the country secure. For […]

MET Police Detective: Direct Entry Application Process

Detective Constables play an incredibly important role in the day-to-day operations of the police. As high ranking employees in the police force, Detective Constables are responsible for conducting complex investigations, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and leading police-wide improvement efforts – in order to guarantee the best level of service to the general public. One of […]

Police Behavioural Questionnaire – Explanation and Sample Questions

The Police Behavioural Questionnaire is used in an early stage of many Police recruitment processes to allow recruiters to get a sense of the applicants’ general strengths and potential weaknesses. It does this by providing a way recruiters can compare candidates’ attributes to those required by the core competencies of a Police Officer. These competencies […]

MET Police Detectives: Direct Entry Now Open

Great news this week, as the Metropolitan Police have announced a bold new scheme. For the first time ever, the Met police will be recruiting new detectives, without the need for the new employees to have worked in the police beforehand. This scheme is known as Police Detectives: Direct Entry. It’s a scheme has been […]

Police Inspector Application Form – Breakdown and Tips

Following the pre-application questionnaire, you’ll be invited to fill in the online police inspector application form. As you might have guessed, this will be an application form that requires you to enter extensive personal details, as well as answering a series of competency-based questions. The police inspector application form is an extremely important stage, so […]