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Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog on 11 Plus Exam Questions – Maths Eleven Plus. By using this blog, you should hopefully have a clearer understanding in regards to the eleven plus including how you will be assessed, what you’ll be assessed on, and sample questions.

This blog will specifically focus on the 11 Plus Exam Questions for the Maths section of the Eleven Plus. I have also created a Youtube video on 11 Plus Maths Exam Questions.


When it comes to education, there are lots of different tests and exams that students will sit. The most common test that children will sit in primary school is the 11 Plus Exam.

A few things you should know about the 11 plus exam:

  • The 11 plus exam is optional. Children in Year 6 can choose to take this test.
  • This test needs to be taken if a child is considering going to a grammar school.
  • The 11 plus exam will need to be passed in order for a child to attend a grammar school.
  • The assessment is carried out in Year 6. So, the child will usually be aged 10 when they sit this test.
  • The exam is used to assess whether a child demonstrates the correct skills and qualities required for a grammar school placement.
  • Depending on the area you live in, will depend on the type of 11 plus exam you take. For example, people who apply for a grammar school in Essex, will need to sit the CSSE exam. People who apply for a grammar school in Kent, will need to sit the Kent Test.


No matter what Eleven Plus you are sitting, you will be required to sit a Maths paper. The Maths paper will contain questions which will cover mathematical topics taught to you in your Key Stage 2 lessons.

Although we cannot tell you exactly what questions will appear in the exam, we can provide you with some sample questions to give you some indication as to what to expect, and the level you are expected to work at.

Below I have outlined some of the key mathematical topics that you should have a good understanding on. These are all topics that have been found on previous past papers of the Eleven Plus.

11 Plus Exam Questions


Question 1
The following calculations have one digit missing. Where there is a question mark, find the digit that completes the calculation.

a) 72 + 1?7 = 259

b) 0.4? – 0.13 = 0.29

c) 21 x 9?8 = 20,748

d) 621 – 513 = 10?

Question 2
Take a look at the following sweet shop price list:

White chocolate mice……………£0.20 each
Banana sweets…………………£0.13 each
Strawberry Laces………………£0.25 each
Liquorice Pieces………………..£0.16 each

a) Harry filled up a bag with sweets for him and his friend. In total he had 6 white mice, 7 banana sweets, 3 strawberry laces, and 5 liquorice pieces. He paid using a five pound note. How much change did he get back?

b) Martha chose a bag to share between her and her family. In total she had 12 strawberry laces, 15 white mice, 25 banana sweets and 8 liquorice pieces. What was the total cost?

Question 3
Fill in the gaps in these number sequences. The rules will be given above.

a) The rule here is “divide by 5”.

10,000, 2,000, ………., 80, ……….,

b) The rule here is “subtract 1/8”.

………., 1/4, 1/8,………. -1/8, -1/4

c) The rule here is “multiply by 10, then add 5”.

………., 7.5, 80, ………., 8055, 80,555

d) The rule here is “divide by 4”

………., 0.8, 0.2, ………., 0.0125

Question 4
For the following formulas, give the value of x when y = 6.

a) x = y – 8 + 1

x =

b) x = y² + 7

x =

c) x = 11 (y – 3)

x =


a) 8
b) 2
c) 8
d) 8

a) £1.34 (£1.20 + 0.91 + 0.75 + 0.80 = £3.66
£5.00 – 3.66 = 1.34)
b) £10.53 (£3.00 + £3.00 + £3.25 + £1.28 = 10.53)

a) 400, 16
b) 3/8, 0
c) 0.25, 7.5
d) 3.2, 0.05

a) x = -1
b) x = 43
c) x = 33


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