In this lesson, I will give you a brilliant self-introduction for job interviews. The introduction you give at the very start of your interview is really important. It is essential you create a positive first impression and connect with the hiring manager. If you give a great self-introduction that uses confident and powerful English words and sentences you are more likely to pass!

So, if you want to improve your English and ultimately pass your job interview, keep reading!

4 Things You Should Include in a Self-Introduction for a Job Interview.

#1. Tell the interviewer your name, and thank them for the opportunity to be interviewed for the position with their company. This demonstrates good manners.

#2. Give the interviewer four words that best describe your strengths. These four words are important to include in a self-introduction because they quickly tell the interviewer the type of person you are.

#3. In your self-introduction, tell the interviewer something you are most proud of in your life. This should be an achievement you have gained either in your personal or work life. Examples of achievements include obtaining brilliant grades in exam results, helping a previous employer to increase sales, winning a team sporting event or trophy, or even raising money for a local charity or good cause.

#4. Finally, number 4, in your self-introduction tell the interviewer what you will do in the role if they hire you.

Four Brilliant ENGLISH Words To Describe Yourself In A Self-Introduction

The first English word is RESOURCEFUL. If you are resourceful, you are able to quickly overcome challenges and problems.

The second English word to use in a self-introduction is POSITIVE. Positive people look forward to the future, they inspire others, and they tend to get more work done than the average person.

The third English word to use in a self-introduction is DISCIPLINED. Disciplined people are organized, they easily prioritize tasks, and they can be relied upon to get their work done to the expected standard and on time.

The fourth English word to use in your self-introduction is TRUSTWORTHY. Trust is one of the most important qualities sought after by hiring managers. If you are trustworthy, you will always represent the company in a positive manner, you will help out at short notice when needed, and you will be a reliable employee who is more likely to work for the company long term.


“My name is Richard and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this position with your company today. I would describe myself as resourceful, positive, disciplined, and a trustworthy employee who will always seek ways to add value to your organization in this role. I am the type of person who has a strong track record of achievement. For example, I recently raised $1,000 for a local charity by completing a sponsored run. I also received praise from my manager in my previous role for suggesting ways the company could better promote its products and services on social media, which is one of my strengths. If you hire me in this role, I will be flexible and adaptable to help the company at short notice, and I will take ownership of my ongoing professional development to ensure I contribute to the company’s goals long term.”

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