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Introduction to the Police Officer Role Play Exercises

On your path to becoming a police officer, one of the biggest challenges you will face is the role play stage of the assessment centre. Unlike standard tests, where you sit down and answer questions based on your knowledge, the police officer role play exercises test your understanding in a verbal environment. However, these are […]

How To Become A Prison Officer: Role Play Exercise

Prison Officers play an essential role in ensuring that British jails are well managed and disciplined. Their job is to supervise and deal with inmates, and this often means having to keep order amongst individuals who are abusive and angry. It goes without saying that this is a very challenging role, and therefore the selection […]

7 Tips for Passing the Train Driver Assessment Day

Statistics prove that one of the top 10 most sought after careers after leaving school and full-time education is that of a train driver. Unsurprising then, that there are in excess of 400 applicants for every job that is advertised. This makes it even more prevalent for the aspiring trainee train driver applicant to have […]


TRAIN DRIVER SITUATIONAL JUDGEMENT TEST – A Step-by-Step Walkthrough     Train Operating Companies in the UK is starting to use a form of situational judgement test (often referred to as Situational Judgement Exercises or SJEs) as part of the assessment criteria for assessing trainee train drivers. Another name for this type of new test […]

Firefighter Test: How To Pass The Role Play

If you are applying for the UK Fire Service, you will need to take a series of gruelling assessments. Possibly the hardest firefighter test, is the role play exercise. This exercise will test your customer service and communication skills to their very limits. The role play firefighter test is a huge pitfall for aspiring Fire […]

How To Prepare For The National Police Officer Assessment Centre

Every year, thousands of candidates apply to the police force. Some will be successful, some won’t; but what really matters is that you are successful. The application process for the police force is designed to test candidates in a rigorous manner, in order to determine the very best candidates from a wide field of applicants. […]

Application, Testing and Interview Advice for Fire Control Operators

In this blog, we will share invaluable tips and advice for those applying to become Fire Control Operators provided by former Kent Fire and Rescue Service Fire Officer and recruitment expert, Richard McMunn. Fire Control Operator: Application: The application process has become more in depth over recent years and HR departments seem to favour the […]

Overcoming Nerves before Attending an Assessment Centre

Overcoming Nerves before Attending an Assessment Centre Assessment centres whether they are for police or a different form of employment, can be dealt with using some of the same techniques. Nerves will always be present when you are going for interviews, practical assessment, and written assessments to obtain your career of choice. No one walks […]