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Understanding the New Train Driver Recruitment Tests

Understanding the New Train Driver Recruitment Tests In this article we will provide you with new details of the train driver tests which came into force in 2013. These tests will be conducted by the majority of UK train operating companies. Attention Test of Everyday Attention for Occupational assessment (TEA-Occ) Attention is crucial for any […]

Police Communications Officer Tests – What’s Involved?

Police Communications Officer tests Police Communication Officers and 999 emergency call handlers have to deal with a wide range of callers, some of whom may be frightened, angry and distressed. If your application is successful, you’ll be asked to attend one of our assessment day tests where we will assess your ability to handle these […]

Passing Personality Testing At Assessment Centres

Personality Testing At Assessment Centres Personality testing and profiling is big business, and whatever your personal feelings about these psychometric tests, employers feel that they add to the recruitment and assessment centre process and therefore you should expect to have to complete one for most jobs (especially supervisor level and above). Personality profiling is aimed […]

How To Pass Group Exercises At Assessment Centres

What are Group Exercises at Assessment Centres? Group Exercises usually form part of an assessment centre which normally precede the application form stage of a job selection process. In this article I will provide you with some crucial tips for passing the Group Exercise with high grades. Group exercises are commonly used to assess the following areas: […]

Scoring Highly in Group Discussions: Group Exercise

More and more employers are using assessment centres as a tool for assessing potential employees, for specific careers and jobs. Not all positions will require the use of an assessment centre; however, they can be an invaluable resource for both filtering out initial applications and also determining who will progress through to the interview stage. […]