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How would you deal with a difficult customer?

Do you have a customer service interview coming up? We will explain why the interviewer is asking you the very common question, “how would you deal with a difficult customer?” and help you pass your interview! If you understand why the question is being asked, you can give a top-scoring answer!

LAST-MINUTE INTERVIEW PREP! (How To Prepare For An Interview In Under 10 Minutes!)

Last Minute Prep!

In this blog, we will give you 3 quick but crucial tips that will help you to impress the hiring manager at your interview. Next, we will give you 8 brilliant words to use in your interview when describing yourself. These 8 words will resonate positively with the hiring manager, and they will help you to beat the competition!

“TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF” (The easy way to answer this tough job interview question!)

tell me about yourself!

In this blog we will tell you the 4 things you should include in your answer to the question, “Tell me about yourself”. I will then give you a really easy structure to use when answering the question, “Tell me about yourself”. This structure is so easy to remember so please do read on!

“Describe Yourself In 3 Words!” – Interview Question

Describe yourself in 3 words

In this blog, we will give you THREE BRILLIANT EXAMPLE ANSWERS to the tough interview question, describe yourself in 3 words! Firstly, we will tell you HOW NOT to answer the interview question, describe yourself in 3 words. Nearly all the other candidates will answer the question in this way, and we urge you not […]