Does the Modern Boss Expect Too Much?

Does the Modern Boss Expect Too Much?

richard_mcmunn_entrepreneurMore and more people are getting tired of being exploited by their employers. The fact is, the modern boss DOES expect far too much from their employees. One of the major reasons for complaints has to do with tight deadlines and unreasonable long-hour expectations.

Many people with reasonably well paid jobs do not find it bothering to put on some extra time for free if a job needs to be finished on time. However, this should be on an exceptional basis. The reality is most bosses expect their employees to come in early, leave late, and generally dedicate their life and soul to the company.

Is the Modern Workplace Just Like The Devil Wears Prada?

If you start to feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, you should actually consider finding another job. In the movie, Hathaway’s character, Andy, could not please her boss Miranda despite her tremendous efforts and this took a toll on her personal life, too. It got to the point her relationship was ruined and the pressure of the job made her lose her sanity. While Meryl Streep’s performance may have been a bit exaggerated for the sake of the comedy, the truth is bosses who expect too much from their employees are to be found in every corner of the country and at all levels.

When you find yourself in this situation, there are some things a responsible employee should do. The first one is to realise your value. If you are doing your job right, and you are certain that you offer your boss a valuable service, you may have more negotiation power than you realise. Producing work at a consistently high level is reason enough to be able to say “back off” to an overbearing boss.

Does your boss expect too much?


Set Out Your Grievances and Boundaries Carefully

  • It can, of course, be tough to tell your boss that you indeed have a problem with the amount of work they assign to you.
  • However, muttering your complaints will not get you too far. You should try to strip out any provocative, judgmental, or sarcastic language and be specific when letting your boss know you feel exploited.
  • You should go with the classic, but very reasonable, argument that the large workload may affect the quality of your work.


  • Also, make sure you know at all times whether the tasks assigned to you are actually part of your job. For example, if your boss is asking you to do something such as working all weekend for something that could be well completed during regular working hours, or run his or her personal errands, you should let them know you are not ok with that.

Another area where many people feel exploited is the skills department. Your overbearing boss may assign you a task that you cannot complete simply because you lack the skills. The answer to the problem here is to suggest that another department should take on the project because they have more expertise on the matter. Getting some peers to help by brainstorming a strategy could also be a helpful proposition.

Beware of Unrealistic Boundaries

  • Unrealistic deadlines are some of the most common reasons for complaints among employees all over the world.
  • It is never a good idea to accept an unrealistic deadline and try to meet it at any costs, including your sanity.
  • Analyse the task carefully and let your boss know that even though you understand the need for a quick result, it cannot be done on short notice while still maintaining the quality of work.

In some cases, employees find themselves in front of some unethical, illegal, or issues that cross personal boundaries. This is one of those situations when you may feel that saying yes will get you in trouble. If you feel that the task required could be detrimental to your integrity or to your career, you should say no. You can motivate your decision by letting your boss know that you are not comfortable doing what you are asked to.

Dealing with an overbearing boss may leave you feeling powerless and sometimes even worthless. Modern bosses tend to expect too much from their employees, but this does not mean you should let it get to you. If you feel that your boss is too demanding and your job is all you can think about day and night, then it may be time for a change. You may try to change some things at your existent workplace or find a different one altogether.

Remember that after all it is just a job and its purpose is to help you evolve, not feeling down all the time!