The Reality of Working in a Call Centre

What is a Call Centre? Call centres are basically centres where large volumes of customer queries or customer support requirement can be dealt with. It may also be a centralised location from which telesales operations can take place. Companies like SERCO for example provide and manage call centres all across the globe in a variety […]

Should Magistrates Have a Formal Legal Background?

Should Magistrates Have a Formal Legal Background? The magistracy is one of the oldest social institutions within Great Britain. Magistrates’ courts have a history that stretches back over 800 years, ever since King’s courts were established where prominent people from local communities dispensed justice in the name of the King. Today, of course, the role […]

Are the Tracks Lined with Gold for A Qualified Train Driver Abroad?

If you’re a qualified train driver, you’ll already be benefiting from all the perks of this much sought-after career. But is it time to think further afield? Trends in the industry suggest wages and hours could be more enticing outside of the UK. Something to think about… For those who are fascinated by trains and […]

Should Magistrates be Offered Far Harsher Sentencing Powers?

Should Magistrates be Offered Far Harsher Sentencing Powers? Magistrates’ courts are one of the oldest judicial institutions in our country. The history of magistrates’ and community courts goes back a long way, and today, magistrates’ courts remain an important part of the British justice system. Just recently, magistrates sentencing powers were debated in Parliament, amid […]

Working For The Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police, or AFP, is an international law enforcement agency tasked with enforcing criminal law within the Commonwealth of Australia and protecting its interests overseas. Formed on 19 October 1979, it merged the former Commonwealth Police, the Australian Capital Territory Police, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. It is held within the portfolio […]