What Is It Like to be a Firefighter In Australia?

Firefighting in Australia represents a monumental undertaking. It is an enormous country; it encompasses a total area of more than two million square miles. It has a population of more than 22 million, and yet the population distribution is not evenly distributed. It is considered to be one of the most developed nations in terms […]

Working For The Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police, or AFP, is an international law enforcement agency tasked with enforcing criminal law within the Commonwealth of Australia and protecting its interests overseas. Formed on 19 October 1979, it merged the former Commonwealth Police, the Australian Capital Territory Police, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. It is held within the portfolio […]

Admiralty Interview Board Running Order

Admiralty Interview Board Running Order Each year scores of applicants attend the Royal Navy Officer Admiralty Interview Board. One of the more common questions we receive at How2become.com is what the running order for the AIB actually is.   In this article we will provide you with some useful tips about what to expect at […]

Race And Diversity Interview Questions

Race And Diversity Interview Questions During the police officer competency-based interview many people fail on the questions that arise based on respect for race and diversity  In this article I will provide you with a sample question and answer which will detail how to construct your response effectively.   Learn the core competencies relevant to the role If […]