Using The Correct Interview Technique To Ensure Success

USING THE CORRECT INTERVIEW TECHNIQUE PRODUCTS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN   Our 150-page in-depth ‘Interview Skills’ guide will provide you with lots of insider tips and advice on how to pass any job interview. It contains sample responses to 50 of the toughest interview questions! Simple click HERE below to find out more:     VIDEO […]

Planning Exercise Tutorial For The Army, Navy, and RAF

Introduction to the Planning Exercise Tutorial For The Army, Navy, and RAF Hello there and welcome to your planning exercise tutorial. During this course I’m going to walk through a sample planning exercise. I’m also going to provide you with a number of tips that will help you to prepare for the planning exercise and […]

How To Improve Your Interview Technique

Improving interview technique and gaining interview skills can be tricky. So, here we’ve compiled some expert advice and interview tips for passing any interview. Video Transcription – Improve Your Interview Technique Hello, welcome to My name is Richard McMunn and in this training video, I’m going to teach you how to improve your interview […]

How To Pass Group Exercises At Assessment Centres

What are Group Exercises at Assessment Centres? Group Exercises usually form part of an assessment centre which normally precede the application form stage of a job selection process. In this article I will provide you with some crucial tips for passing the Group Exercise with high grades. Group exercises are commonly used to assess the following areas: […]