What Are The Different Types Of Holiday Reps

How to Become a Holiday Rep

Have you ever thought about working abroad? If the answer to that question is yes, then a job as a holiday rep might be ideal for you! Learn how to make the most out of your gap year and become a holiday rep oversees.

This blog will outline ways to become a holiday rep. It will also discuss the different types of holiday reps, including job descriptions. Becoming a holiday representative is no easy task. Although it’s one of the most sought after summer-time jobs, this excursion and job title extremely competitive, and you may be unsure about where to start. This blog will outline holiday representative jobs, both local and oversees.

What is a holiday rep?

A holiday rep is someone who is responsible and in charge of entertainment at holiday destinations. Ultimately, they set the tone of the holiday destination, and it is their face and persona that keeps the customers coming back!

We all know too well the energetic, charismatic and enthusiastic holiday reps at Butlins and Pontins. Holiday reps are not only based in places such as these, but for bigger establishments all over the world. Whether you are on a ship cruising the seas, partying in Magaluf or making the most of sunny Ibiza, there are bound to be lots of holiday reps about.


What skills do you have to have to be a holiday rep?

Below is a list of some of the skills that you need to demonstrate if you wish to become a holiday rep:

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • An outgoing, confident and energetic personality;
  • Enthusiasm;
  • Stamina;
  • Teamwork ability;
  • Commitment to high levels of customer service;
  • Listening skills;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • A great sense of humour!
  • Applying for Holiday Rep Vacancies

    As mentioned previously, becoming a holiday rep can be quite tricky. With the number of people looking for a summer job soaring, chances are you will be competing against like-minded people who want to spend their summer as a holiday representative.

    In order to increase your chances of securing holiday rep jobs, we suggest that you make sure your application form is the best it can possibly be! To learn more about how to write an application form, click on the image below.

    The Different Types Of Holiday Reps

    Being a holiday rep can be a very rewarding career. Most people who apply to be a rep are unaware that there are many different types to choose from. Below, we have provided a list and description of the different types of holiday reps and the work their roles involve. What you will notice from the section below is that a number of the positions overlap in terms of job description and responsibilities. When you arrive at your resort you will often be working with a number of the different types of rep. What ever rep you decide to become, this guide will help you through the application process.

    Below is a quick list of the different types of holiday reps. These will be discussed in more detail as you progress through the blog.

  • Overseas rep; / Holiday rep
  • Club rep;
  • Entertainment rep;
  • Children’s rep;
  • Transfer rep.
  • Overseas/Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

    Holiday reps are also known as Customer Services Rep, Resort Rep and Overseas Rep depending on the tour operator you work for. However, they all basically have the same role. To be a successful overseas rep you must be outgoing, enjoy meeting and interacting with new people and embrace new experiences and cultures. It is also important that you have excellent sales skills as well as possessing an energetic approach to your work, as it can be a very busy at times.

    The role will often include meeting customers at the airport, presenting them with information that is useful and accurate, holding welcoming meetings, visiting hotels on a regular basis to offer guidance and support, displaying high levels of customer service and resolving any problems in a calm and collective manner.

    Other aspects of the job include guiding excursions, carrying out health and safety checks on the hotel(s) and completion of paperwork.

    Club Reps

    There are many different names for this type of rep; young person’s rep, Club 18-30, Escapades Rep, 2wenty’s Rep (First Choice), Club Freestyle Rep (Thomson). However, they are all essentially the same role.

    A young person’s rep is a person that ensures that groups of men and women, aged between 18 to 35, have the time of their life on holiday! By applying to become this type of rep you will be sent to the liveliest and busiest resorts. The main responsibilities of a club rep are almost identical to that of a holiday rep.

    However, in addition to these daily responsibilities they must also organise the evening entertainment such as pool parties, bar/pub crawls, party nights and beach parties. And while your guests are sleeping, you will need to be up early to perform your daily responsibilities. This includes holding welcome events and dealing with customer complaints in addition to the odd hangover!

    Entertainment Reps

    An entertainment rep is a very demanding role and you will also be expected to join in a wide range of other activities to assist the overseas reps.

    During the day, you will be making yourself known to the customers, helping everyone join in the fun and presenting a full and varied programme of family-focused activities. During the night, you will be on centre stage performing a wide variety of shows to provide the evenings entertainment. From performing in West End style productions such as Frankenstein and variety shows, to hosting TV game shows to keep the children entertained. For this role you will ideally have a talent or keen interest in dancing, singing or performing, although it is not essential.

    Children’s Reps

    Children’s Reps will often perform a similar role to that of the entertainment rep with their focus mainly on the younger children. They are often in charge of kids clubs providing a welcomed break for parents. You will be in charge of organising games, challenges and activities for young children in order to ensure they enjoy every minute of their holiday. This role requires a number of key skills. For example, you must enjoy working with children and have the patience to deal with children. Their parents will only want to leave their children in your hands if they feel you are confident and capable in your role.

    As this role specifically deals with young children there are often stricter requirements when applying for this role. You should ensure that you check with the tour operator as to what these requirements are. Many will often require at least six months’ experience of professional childcare and/or a childcare qualification at NVQ Level 2. Alternatively, you may be eligible if you hold qualifications such as BTEC National Diploma in Childhood Studies. You will need to check the requirements of the tour company you want to join.

    Transfer Reps

    A transfer rep is somebody who mainly accompanies holiday makers to and from the airport and hotels. A transfer rep is normally the first person the holiday maker sees to represent the tour company. They must always be friendly and approachable as they are the face of the company. During the coach trips to the resorts, you will be responsible for conducting a welcome talk that includes details of basic information about the resort. You will also be in charge of informing people which drop-off’s you will be going to, and how long the trip will last plus, most importantly, about when their welcome meeting will be conducted.

    Transfer reps must also ensure that the guests are booked in to their accommodation and they are dropped off at the correct resort. In the event that the departure flight is delayed it is the responsibility of the transfer rep to keep the customers informed of any developments. As with the role of overseas rep the transfer rep may also act as a guide on excursions.


    See here if you are interested in finding out about how to become a holiday rep, what the selection process involves, or where to start if pursuing this career. This book can be purchased by searching the book title on Amazon, or clicking on the link for how to become a holiday rep

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