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7 Admin Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Admin Assistant Interview Questions Featured

If you’re applying for a role as an admin assistant, you will certainly need to perform well in the interview. Here, we’re going to look at some admin assistant interview tips, followed by some sample admin assistant interview questions. 3 Admin Assistant Interview Tips #1 – Use the job description to predict the interview questions.#2 […]

Sample Critical Thinking Test Questions – Pass the Critical Thinking Test

Critical Thinking Test Questions

If you’re applying for a graduate job, you’ll probably have to pass a critical thinking test. Here, we’re going to take a look at a few sample critical thinking test questions that you should use as practice for the real critical thinking test. Sample Critical Thinking Test Questions Section 1 – Evaluating Arguments Read the […]

Police Positive Action – What Is It, And Does It Work?

Police Positive Action – What Is It, And Does It Work?

In this article we will give you our thoughts on Police Positive Action, what it is, how it works and whether it is a useful tool or not for police forces to recruit the right people. Police Positive Action has been prominent in the new this week following the ruling that Cheshire Police allegedly discriminated […]

How to Understand Tense and Time – Improving Your Writing Skills

Improving Your Writing

If you want to make your writing legible, you need to have a grasp of tense and time. Here, we’ll be looking at improving your writing skills by mastering tense and time. What Are Tenses? – Improving Your Writing Skills Tenses are used to signify time. Specifically, tenses appear in the form of verbs: Past […]

Avoiding Excessive Sentence Length – Improving Your Writing Skills

Improving Your Writing Skills

Longer sentences can be a problem for less experienced writers. A writer with a strong grasp of sentence boundaries and punctuation will have little difficulty when constructing longer sentences. However, the less knowledgeable run the risk of creating sentences which are far too long. This is an issue because it makes a text harder to […]

7 Project Manager Interview Questions And Answers: Ace Your Interview

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A competent project manager will need to have numerous skills and attributes to be successful. However, the most important ones are planning and execution. As a project manager you are ultimately responsible for delivering the project on time and to budget. In this blog, we’ll give you some of the common project manager interview questions […]

How To Find Clients For Your Private Investigation Agency

If you are running a private investigation agency, it goes without saying that you need to have some skills in attracting customers and clients. Just as with any business, your private investigation agency must be able to stand out from the crowd and deliver an exceptional service. Here are some top tips for ensuring that […]

Commonly Misspelled Words – How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Commonly Misspelled Words

There are a few words in the English language which are notoriously tricky to spell. In some cases, there are tricks and conventions that make it easier to remember the spellings. However, other instances will require you to simply learn the spelling of the word through practise. So, we’re going to take a look at […]

Sentence Fragments and Cohesion – How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Improve Your Writing Skills

Fragments usually emerge accidentally while writing, when what should be part of a sentence receives a full stop too early, resulting in a fragment of a sentence being left over. Here, we’re going to look at ways to improve your writing skills by cutting down on sentence fragments, and improving your sentence cohesion. What Are […]