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KS2 Science SATs Revision – Sample Questions

In the summer term 2016, the new national curriculum was assessed for the first time, with many KS2 pupils undertaking three never-seen-before Science SATs papers: in biology, chemistry, and physics. The newness of these assessments meant that there were simply no past papers that parents could use to help their child with their KS2 Science […]

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test: Sample Spelling Questions

Bought our QTS Literacy Skills or Professional Skills Tests for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) workbook? Download the QTS Spelling test audio files by entering your email and name below: Introduction – What is QTS? QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is an award given to those who meet a series of requirements, which includes passing two tests: […]

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test: Difficult Spellings

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test Difficult Spellings Introduction The spelling section of the QTS Literacy Skills Test can be incredibly difficult if you do not prepare adequately. Since you do not know what type of spellings will appear, it is important to take the time to learn all of the more difficult conventions which […]

11 Plus Maths Practice Questions & Top Tips

The 11 plus assessment is given to pupils in primary school, when children are about to leave the final year (Year 6). They may opt to take the 11 plus if the pupil wishes to attend a Grammar School. This test is given to pupils who want to attend a Grammar Secondary School. Some teachers […]

Electrical Comprehension Tests; How to prepare

WHAT ARE ELECTRICAL COMPREHENSION TESTS? As part of recruitment processes, you may be required to undertake an Electrical Comprehension test. Electrical Comprehension is quite self-explanatory; you will be required to undertake a series of testing questions that assess your electrical understanding. Electrical Comprehension tests are specifically designed to measure your performance in relation to electrical […]

Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test

Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test – Video Assessment The main duty of a Fire Control Operator (FCOp) is to obtain enough information from the caller and, within 90 seconds of taking the call, decide what fire crews and equipment need to be sent to the incident. The Fire Control Operator Number Recall Test […]


TRAIN DRIVER SITUATIONAL JUDGEMENT TEST – A Step-by-Step Walkthrough     Train Operating Companies in the UK is starting to use a form of situational judgement test (often referred to as Situational Judgement Exercises or SJEs) as part of the assessment criteria for assessing trainee train drivers. Another name for this type of new test […]

LNAT: Sample Questions And Answers

The Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) is one of most challenging and complex assessments for aspiring undergrads. The test is designed to assist University Law Admissions teams with selecting the best students for their course. Law courses are naturally extremely demanding, and therefore the LNAT 2016 is unlike any other assessment, in that it does […]