Introducing… The Online Psychometric Testing Suite – PLATINUM EDITION

Psychometric Testing Suite Platinum Edition
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  • 100s of Psychometric Test Questions: prepare for all types of psychometric tests on your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smart phone;
  • Tracked Progress: monitor your scores so that you can highlight the areas that need improvement;
  • Proven Training: the easy way to learn, prepare and pass your psychometric assessment – used by 1000s of people worldwide to succeed at psychometric tests.

Test Conditions

Practice all of the different types of psychometric assessment under exam conditions. Have a go at a variety of multiple-choice and free-form question styles to ensure you are fully prepared for your upcoming test.

Tracked Scores

All of your test scores are saved within the online testing suite so that you can focus on specific areas that you need to improve. Don’t get caught out on your exam, get psychometric savvy today!

Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Access Anywhere

Get instant access to 100s of psychometric test questions and answers at anytime, on any device. Includes explanations to each question so that you can see the working out behind each answer. Learn without limits and become an expert on-the-go!

Online Psychometric Test Reviews

Online Psychometric Test Review

“Worth the investment it really helped me in my quest for a better career. Definitely recommend.”

Lucy T

Online Psychometric Test Review

“Great facilities online and access to pretty much anything you need advice on. Testing materials are great.”

Matthew B

Online Psychometric Test Review

“Brilliant service. Helped me pass my royal marines exams. Thanks once again”

Neil D

Online Psychometric Test Review

“The test questions were very helpful. The How2Become site is great!”

Sally-ann D

Psychometric Testing Suite Platinum Edition

Learn how to score 100% on psychometric tests today!

  • Get instant online access;
  • 100s of practice questions, answers & explanations;
  • Practice all of the test questions under timed conditions;
  • Compatible on ALL devices;
  • Scores are tracked so you can focus on areas that need improvement
  • Get instant access now via your How2Become account.

Please note: the online testing suite service is automatically charged at just £9.99 plus vat per month with no minimum term. You can cancel anytime by contacting us at [email protected]. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already know how to answer Psychometric questions, will this still help me?

A: Yes, absolutely. Although this package provides detailed breakdowns on how to answer psychometric test questions, it also provides you with hundreds of questions on all types of psychometric assessment so that you can jump in straight away and hone your skills.

Q: What happens after the initial 30-days access?

A: After 30-days we hope you will see just how powerful our training and testing resource are and you’ll want to stick with us! If you do, the testing suite charges automatically at £9.99+vat every 30-days – just let us know anytime before then if you want to opt-out and you won’t pay a penny more.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

A: No problem. All of our customers are protected by our 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, as we are 100% confident that this Psychometric testing resource will help you. To manage your membership simply contact us on: [email protected] 

Q: Where do I login to access the online Psychometric tests?

A: Once you’ve completed checkout you can access the online psychometric tests  via your How2Become account. Once there, scroll down until you see “Your Resources” and then click on the name of the testing suite to launch it.

For further information, please contact us, view our privacy policy and terms & conditions pages.

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Psychometric Testing Suite Platinum Edition
Plus VAT

Psychometric Testing Suite Platinum Edition

✓ Instant Access;
✓ 100s of Practice Questions and Answers;
✓ Abstract Reasoning;
✓ Inductive Reasoning;
✓Mechanical Aptitude;
✓ Non-Verbal Reasoning;
✓ Spatial Reasoning;
✓ Verbal Reasoning;
✓ Scores are tracked so you can focus on areas that need improvement;
✓ Get Instant Access now for only £9.99+ VAT.
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